What kind of services will the HUB offer?
The HUB will provide a safe space where people with substance use and related
disorders will be met with compassion and encouraged along their path to recovery.

Services offered at the HUB
General support: A safe environment to go and receive all levels of support.
Educational resources: GED information, college enrollment assistance,
grants information.
Family support: Resources, networking information and biweekly family
support groups.
Resume building.
Job search assistance.
Interview skills.
Food stamp assistance.
Buss passes information.
Smart shopping and general nutritional information.
Necessary clothing.
Clothing for interviews.
Assistance starting a bank account.
General hygienic packs and products.
Small amounts of food for those in need.
State of Florida ID/License information.
General Computer access for the purpose of all above needs.

Resources Available
Community resources for family support.
Community information for medication and psychiatric resources.
Community resources for mental health; local therapists and support groups.
Community resources for recovery options; 12 step lists/locations, SMART
recovery lists/locations.
Community resources for housing options; FARR list.

What the HUB is not
It is not a substance use treatment center/detox facility.
It is not a 12-step meeting or support group.
It is not a harm reduction program.


You can contact us any way that is convenient for you.


The Palm Beach County HUB OR simply the HUB is a stand-alone or “umbrella” 501(c)(3) corporation, which functions under the nonprofit status of the PBCBHC (Palm Beach County Behavioral Health Coalition)